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Age of War is not just your ordinary online strategy game; it’s a thrilling battle for survival where you must defend your base and conquer your enemies. With its captivating gameplay and ingenious mechanics, Age of War will keep you on the edge of your seat as you progress through the ages, unleashing powerful units and technologies to secure victory!

Master the Ages, Crush Your Foes

In Age of War, you embark on an epic journey through five distinct ages, each equipped with its own array of formidable units and groundbreaking technologies. Your conquest starts in the Stone Age, where spearmen and catapults are your trusty companions. But fear not, for as you advance through the ages, a plethora of mighty warriors awaits you, including knights, cannons, and bombers.

Command with Fingertip Precision

With simple controls, Age of War ensures that you can focus solely on devising your winning strategy. Left-click to select units or buildings, right-click to move your forces or erect structures, and unleash the fury of your selected unit with a decisive strike by pressing the spacebar.

Tips to Secure Victory

To claim triumph in Age of War, here are some invaluable tips to guide you along the way:

  • Balance your economy: Maintain a steady flow of resources to sustain your army’s might.
  • Upgrade your units: Enhance the power of your forces by upgrading them as you progress through the ages.
  • Harness special abilities: Each unit possesses a unique skill that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.
  • Persist and prevail: The later ages may pose a daunting challenge, but with unwavering determination and practice, victory can be yours.

Retro Bowl Game proudly presents Age of War, an enthralling strategy game suitable for players of all skill levels. With its addictive gameplay and intuitive controls, Age of War guarantees hours of unparalleled entertainment.

More About Age of War

Here’s some additional information to pique your interest:

  • The game was expertly crafted by the renowned developer, Max Games.
  • Age of War made its debut in 2006, captivating players ever since.
  • Enjoy the game for free on various platforms, including the popular Unblocked Games WTF.
  • Critics and players alike have showered Age of War with rave reviews, speaking volumes of its enthralling gameplay experience.

Experience the adrenaline-fueled battles of Age of War and prove your strategic prowess. Embrace the challenge, forge your destiny, and emerge as the ultimate conqueror!

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